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Quotes By Jason

"I had a bunch of offers to play basketball and would have liked to. But I made the decision to go with football, and it has worked out for me."

"We're not like girls who hug each other and hold hands. I've got a girl I don't want to be more than two feet away from, so it's not like I'm on Zach's doorstep when he wakes up."
-- on his close friendship with brother-in-law and Dolphin's teammate, Zach Thomas

"In college, I was a star. But when I got to the pros, I discovered that you have to deal with all the critics who seem to delight in telling you what you can't do. I take it as a challenge. It makes me want to go out and prove them wrong."

"You have to be in tune with your body. The heck with the macho stuff - the macho stuff can get you hurtů. You have to be careful, bottom line."

"No matter what we say about stats around here, it's kind of what the fans and the media look at. So I look at it, and make the goals accordingly. With the sacks, you get the Pro Bowl. You get the little Inside the Huddle things on ESPN, and that's where some of the notoriety comes from. Do I agree with it all the time? No. Some guys get 10, 11 sacks and they got 20 tackles at the end of the year, and they are drinking umbrella drinks in Hawaii, and the rest of us aren't."

"When the team wins, everyone reaps the benefits. The better the team does, the better the individual will do."

"People have no idea what we go through. They read about the salaries in the paper, and they think it's peaches and cream. It's not even close."

"Not to sell [Giants DE] Michael Strahan short, he's a heck of a football player. I mean, he's great. But if he can do it, why can't I?"
-- on his goal to beat the single season sack record of 22 1/2