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The New Hollywood Hunks

Submitted by: ETOnline.com


Jason Taylor is the new face of Neutrogena.
Jason Taylor is the new
face of Neutrogena.
The Miami Dolphins’ JASON TAYLOR, the new face of Neutrogena, and the WB’s new Tarzan TRAVIS FIMMEL, couldn’t be more different. The contrasts begin at the top: Jason’s head is shaved; Travis wears his blonde hair shoulder-length. Jason was the 2002 NFL Quarterback Sack Leader; Travis doesn’t like to set foot in a gym (hard to believe if you check out his six pack – not the Guinness-type). Jason is American; Travis is a dyed-in-the-wool Aussie.

What they do have in common is they are two of Hollywood’s hot new hunks. Tune in to tonight’s ET for the latest stud report!

Jason’s cool moves on the football field brought him a modicum of fame; now he’s using his good looks and talent to go the extra mile. First stop: Neutrogena. ET caught up with the All-Pro Defensive End as he traveled through the Middle East as part of the USO’s Project Salute 2003.

“Football players are really big brutes behind helmets and shoulder pads all the time,” Jason tells ET. “I got the opportunity to do the Neutrogena deal and it’s great. I will catch a lot of heck for sure. There will be commercials running in the locker room and posters and all that, but I think if [my teammates] could do it, they would.”

The first product that Jason is pitching is the Power Scrub Bar, a bar of soap wrapped up in a washcloth. Despite looking naked on camera, the NFL-er insists he had on little, bitty underwear.

“It was a long shoot,” he says. “I don’t know if I wasn’t washing right, or if I was that dirty, but we washed for a good 30 minutes. I was nice and clean when it was over, but I needed to put the Neutrogena lotion on when I was done because I was definitely dried up.”

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